What We Do

Mavsotech’s experience across the entertainment ecosystem allows us to help our clients integrate client and server-side technologies while integrating to an ever expanding device market.

Why Mavsotech?

We specifically focus on the digital entertainment market, are current with your industry's trends and emerging technologies, and have a strategic understanding of important customer experience goals. We focus holistically on your business to provide a better long-term experience to you and your end users.

We are not:

  • A staffing agency
  • A general development firm
  • An IT service provider
  • Your competition

Our Services

Mavsotech's services include (but are not limited to):

  • Audio signal processing
  • Embedded firmware
  • Network architecture and design
  • Legacy system continuity management
  • EOL services
  • Audio and video device integration
  • Ad technology
  • Audio, video system, and architecture design
  • Industry-specific system integration

How We Can Help

Requirements gathering and solutions design services: Our holistic approach to solutions design starts with partnering with clients to understand their business drivers. This can range from having a new idea, creating a new product offering for their current customer base, or entering a new market and/or industry as a disruptor. For currently deployed products, we can help enhance, support, or provide end-of-life services so your team can be off creating the next new thing. By partnering with our customers to determine their motivation, Mavsotech is able to bring the appropriate business and technical domain teams to focus on the design criteria for the entire lifecycle.

Architecture and design: Our collaborative approach to designing a solution uses several levels of detail to ensure the development and integration of new components is efficient and accurate. Mavsotech’s team develops architecture design specifications across components, APIs, message flows, reliability and redundancy requirements, and operator/user interfaces that meet our clients’ business and technical requirements.

Project and milestone definition: Each project is unique - even when the design goals are similar to previous projects. Mavsotech structures each project plan with identifiable task completion segments. By drilling down on specific project tasks, Mavsotech will identify activities, documents, processes, and deliverables resulting in a set of intuitive milestones that build to project completion.

Development execution: Mavsotech provides crisp project execution. Successful development of software or hardware rely heavily on aggressive upfront research, well defined business and technical requirements, and deep channel expertise across the full project including the peripheral needs of the enterprise, such as support processes, operations, and customer care technologies. Mavsotech has extensive experience in both development and execution to augment your team’s capabilities.

Deployment management: Developing software or hardware is a significant part of a project, but it is only half the battle. The product must also be deployed in a scalable, supportable way. At Mavsotech we go beyond the development phase and work with customers to create detailed deployment plans from supply chain logistics to internal module, component and system test harnesses, to field trial testing through multiple iterations of updates, and production implementation. We work with our customers to develop high level plans through step-by-step instructions for engineers, operations, and support staff.

Field support (lifecycle management): As new products, features, or bug fixes are deployed, products require monitoring, fault identification, issue segmentation, and rectification including restoration of services. Each of these steps need to be tightly coupled to a notification process so internal engineering, management, and customer support resources - as well as customers - are aware of pending issues and/or restoration progress. Each device, application, and situation can have specific touch points across mobile apps, automated telephone calls, and contact center agents. At Mavsotech, we work with our clients to design a solution beyond just implementation to support the entire lifecycle and support requirements.

Agile or Waterfall: Mavsotech can help clients achieve their goals using either execution approach. Agile Scrum Masters will lead scrum teams driven by iteratively addressing the priorities of the product owner, or program managers will lead development teams driven by a full set of client requirements using a more traditional waterfall approach. In some cases, a “water-scrum-fall” methodology can be used when an iterative approach is desired to fine-tune a solution’s features along with a waterfall approach to bring the end-to-end validated solution to market.

Challenges We Solve

Slow time to market: Gaining a foothold in a market, being a disruptor to a new market, competing with other players in your industry, enhancing a current product offering and/or fixing a critical issue in a timely manner all depend on lifecycle management that goes from idea/need to deployment. Mavsotech can assist in identifying the quickest process to go from ideation to deployment. We provide services in conjunction with current teams - or as a standalone team - that enable our clients to accomplish their goals more efficiently and effectively.

Inefficient field support: Working with our clients, Mavsotech can bolster field support capabilities throughout the lifecycle of a product or technology. Initial product trials and deployments require teams of knowledgeable domain experts to support the operation. As the product matures and the technology is updated and/or enters a low maintenance/retirement phase, support becomes even more critical to maintain the operations and loyalty of the client base. Our teams can assist in support efforts from planning to execution, allowing our clients to pursue their higher priority business activities.

Third party integration: Mavsotech’s strength is in its diversity of domain expertise that can be applied to projects requiring multi-product, multi-technology, and multi-vendor integration. In these instances, success depends on the seamless integration of software and hardware provided by different companies and/or different organizations. Another key component of 3rd party integration is that there is often a large upfront integration effort and a smaller but continuous support requirement. Mavsotech can plan for the integration, build the required technology and interfaces, and support the continuous operation and maintenance of the deployed solution.

Offshore resource planning & management: Utilizing offshore resources is often necessary to achieve cost containment, increase speed-to-market, and support deployed products. But, using offshore resources comes with its own set of challenges like time zone issues and language and cultural differences. Mavsotech works with clients to design an approach that maximizes the benefits of using offshore resources while effectively managing the challenges.

Augment domain expertise: Many small and large companies maintain an array of domain experts to utilize within their organizational activities. In some cases, specific domain experts may not be available to assist a project due to other commitments, or the domain expertise needed is not part of the organization's core competency. Maintaining a stable of subject matter experts can be expensive and inefficient. The Mavsotech team's extensive list of contacts in multiple industries allows us to find the people you need, when you need them, so you can build industry-leading products on a timeline that meets your business goals.

M&A integration planning and support: When a merger or acquisition is being planned, critical evaluations of current internal and external systems need to be understood, inventoried, and categorized. This effort (often called “as built” assessments) must be performed in parallel to existing activities so that current staff can maintain their day-to-day roles. Mavsotech can partner with your team to manage the M&A process while strictly adhering to all anti-trust and confidentiality requirements. Our guidance helps our customers continue business as usual operations until the deal is finalized.

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